Keimy was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. Her sweet hometown, Tokyo is a district full of fun, interesting, and exciting energies. She loves this lovely city so much, which is why she's determined to work as an international artist to tell about the best things in Tokyo.


Now She works as a bilingual (English & Japanese) travel planner, interpreter, media fixer now. Until now, she has provided private tours in Tokyo to +700 people from around the globe as a private tour guide. Besides, She worked with one of the biggest auction companies in the states, Heritage Auction, Geman game media, Gamersglobal, E-Sports group (FaZe Clan) and American tech company.

 As a travel planner, She has been working as not only being a tour guide, She organizes your trip to Tokyo and advises you how to spend here efficiently and locally such as recommending hotels, booking restaurants, and many activities. Her specialty is showing around "New Tokyo"  such as Harajuku, Shibuya, Nakameguro, Daikamyama.

Now, she can cover the lovely old town Kyoto too.


In addition to working as a travel planner,

She is a media fixer.

Media fixing is being an interpreter for your coverage such as documentaries interview and also suggesting perfect places for your filmings and meetings. She can make appointments instead of you.


She is also a travel enthusiast, and she traveled to many countries before (United States, China, Korea, Switzerland, etc.) and loves to post videos and pictures of fancy cool spots all over the world on her Instagram.

Her unique qualities and ability to challenge herself to various genres have landed her various roles in the travel industry in the world. She hopes to further expand her career and grow as an international Asian artist.








取材プランニングの際は、映像ディレクターとして働いていた経験とバイリンガルの語学力を活かし、都内のレストランや、ホテル、カンファレンスなどの取材を多く行ってきた。日英通訳者としてはコレクターとの交渉の際の通訳や、企業の会議通訳なども行った。現在までに大手オーション会社ヘリテージオークションやeスポーツグループFaZe Clan、米国系テック企業との経験がある。


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