In this service, I provide a personal shopping service for you! You can just send me the pictures or URL of the items you want to get in Japan, and I buy instead of you and deliver to your country asap. 
I usually buy items online, but I can go to the shop to check/buy items such as limited things. Also, I can do a video call at the store if you want me to do that. Then you can shop like pointing the items out.
*The products must be under $2000. 
*I need to declare the correct price when I get, no lower price to avoid tax.  


For shipping, I usually use EMS or DHL. DHL takes 5-6 days max. EMS takes days depending on the country you live in. If you're living in Singapore/Hong Kong, you can get items via EMS within a week. Please contact me with the details. @keimytokyo on Instagram

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