Virtual Shopping Tour

Here is the system: 


1. You talk with me through video chat on tour. (ZOOM/FaceTime/FacebookTalk/anything you prefer) 

2. We visit trendy shopping spots in Tokyo. Mainly Harajuku, Shibuya, and Ginza. You can see those places virtually. Also, you can shop there! *Please check the picture on the right side.
*The request for products is entirely flexible except for fresh food! 

3. You can pick and ask the details of the products to me, and I ask the shop staff in Japanese (translating), for instance. 

4. Please ask me to buy anything you want and do paycheck when I buy them. (Through PayPal or TransferWise.)  


5. The things you bought will be shipped within a couple of days minimum. (Depends on which type of shipping system you choose. EMS is for Asian countries is 3 days) 



FEE: $40-80  (Except for Shipping price and the things you bought) 


EMS (Express Mail Service): 14 days: depend on weight/where you live. If you're living in Asian countries, $50~$60 for 5~6kg. If you bought less, the shipping fee would be less.