・Travel planning (Creating itineraries for your trip to Tokyo, including hotels/restaurants/activities suggestions, private car hires) 

・Private tour guiding in East Japan (Tokyo, Hakone, Karuizawa) 

・Introducing perfect fit local specialists for each location in Japan. (Local guide, cooking teacher, tea farm owners)

・Interpreting and translating in English/Japanese

・Media planning (Suggesting the best places for filming, and creating your schedules, making appointments for film locations such as restaurants and shops.)

・Introducing young Japanese contemporary artists and their artworks.

・Small party/event organizing at Japanese restaurants.


・訪日観光客向け旅行プランニング (東京、箱根、富士山、京都など)




・若手現代アーティストの紹介 (アーティストとの食事会やアトリエ案内等)

​                                                                                                             ( 全て英語&日本語で可能 )


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